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Sara (that stands for Anonimous Society exporting to Africa) was established in 1936, and founded by Giorgio Calimani. Since the beginning it has established itself as a leader in terms of volumes of goods delivered to the Colonies. Over the years it assumed different connotations, until 1960, when Roberto Calimani layed the first brick of the manufacturing plant located in Cologno al Serio. Saraflex currently has three production lines: crochet looms, braiding-machines, in addition to a new department of looms for special items.

Our personnel is an integral part of our company assets, as they provide the technical understanding and the production experience, which can only be attained with longevity, for our company to be successful.

The Commercial management of Saraflex has been entrusted to Maria Vittoria Calimani, representing the third generation of the family business. The sales management, marketing strategies and product innovations are developed in our offices in the centre of Milan. The young and creative atmosphere, stimulated by the liveliness of the Lombard metropolis is combined with solid experience and flexibility.